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Can be roughly divided into vegetable oil and animal oil
Release time:2021-08-31 22:10:36Number of views:
There are many kinds of fats, which can be roughly divided into vegetable oils and animal oils. I believe that everyone knows vegetable oils very well. Whether it is sesame oil or linseed oil, both domestic and foreign have been recognized by the people, but compared to animal oils That said, everyone knows very little, so what about animal oil? Today, let us take a look at the so-called animal oil.
1. So far, humans have discovered that the healthiest animal oil is fish oil. It has been stir-fried some time ago, and the price has also been added to the price. This is because fish oil contains a large amount of DHA.
2. Lard, animal oil that we often eat, lard contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients are very small, but the cholesterol content is very high, so for the sake of health, everyone should not eat too much lard .
3. Chicken fat is a terrible health killer. Chicken fat contains a lot of saturated fatty acids. If you eat too much, it is especially easy to gain weight, and it is also easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Like chicken fat, in fact, butter is not as we imagined. It’s so healthy, and it’s really not recommended for everyone.