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Which vegetable oil or animal oil has better nutritional val
Release time:2021-08-31 22:11:40Number of views:
There are many kinds of oils on the market. Corn oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, etc. are dazzling, and there are also traditional lard, so people do not know which oil to eat. How to choose these edible oils? What is the difference between them? Which cooking oil is healthier? ......These are the problems that are extremely troublesome for people. After walking around two or three times in front of the dazzling shelves, there is still no way to choose the cooking oil they want. In fact, there are two main types of edible oil, one is vegetable oil, and the other is animal oil. Compared with animal oil, there are more types of vegetable oil, and animal oil generally refers to lard. Of course, some ethnic minorities also use sheep oil. So which vegetable oil or animal oil has better nutritional value?
If you want to know which foods have higher nutritional value, you must first know their essential differences. Fatty acids are a relatively high proportion of edible oils, and they are also a basic judgment method for distinguishing edible oils. Fatty acids are generally classified according to their degree of saturation. For example, animal oils are classified as saturated fatty acids, and vegetable oils are classified as unsaturated fatty acids. According to statistical results, saturated fatty acids are relatively unhealthy. Eating too much may increase the risk of chronic diseases for everyone, and it is likely to cause high blood fat and high blood pressure. Vegetable oils are relatively healthy. They can help you regulate blood lipids, especially soybean oil and peanut oil. It can also help you nourish your cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, and help you improve your memory. Vegetable oil and animal oil are not only different in health, but also in their nutritional value. Because vegetable oil contains more vitamins and contains minerals such as calcium and iron, its cause value is higher than that of animal oil. In addition, the melting point of animal oil is higher than that of vegetable oil, so it is not easily absorbed by the human body. Generally speaking, vegetable oil is better.