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Not everyone can accept butter
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Not everyone can accept butter
Recently, butter has become more well-known with the help of hot pot, but it is no stranger to people who believe in Islam. Peoples who believe in Islam usually mainly rely on beef, mutton and fish. Because they don’t eat pork, they will not use lard, which is common in other ethnic groups, as animal oil during home cooking. Instead, they will choose beef and mutton instead.
On the stage of history, wars have also been triggered by a mouthful of butter. In the spring of 1775, the British finally occupied India after more than a hundred years of expansion. Until 1885, the British new rifle, the Mauser, required soldiers to bite the rubber at the bottom of the bullet in order to facilitate the bite. The process also saves costs. The British put a layer of butter on the bottom of the bullet.
Unlike the British who love beef, Indians regard cattle as sacred objects. When the Indian soldiers under the command of the British army bit off the rubber and discovered the taste of butter, they rose up out of faith and rebelled, which eventually led to an uprising that swept the country. , And it took the British three full years to suppress it.
The unique flavor of butter makes it sweep the country
Various aldehydes create the unique flavor of butter
But not everyone will accept butter