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How to form the unique flavor of butter
Release time:2021-08-31 22:20:17Number of views:
How does the unique flavor of butter come into being?
The formation of butter flavor substances mainly comes from two reactions in the oil refining process: one is the Maillard reaction between reducing sugars and amino acids; the other is thermal degradation and thermal decomposition.
The flavour precursors of beef adipose tissue affect the internal factors of the final flavours formed by the tallow. Processing parameters such as the processing method and heating time applied during the processing are important external factors. The flavor substances in butter can be felt by people through the three ways of smell, taste, and both smell and taste. By stimulating the human body's sense of smell and taste transmission system, the body's comprehensive perception of the flavor of butter is finally formed.
Where does the butter flavor come from?
Current research shows that aldehydes have the most significant impact on the flavor of butter, among which isovaleraldehyde (which produces a pleasant fruity odor after dilution), hexanal (showing birth fat, grass and apple flavor) , Enanthal (showing fishy smell), octanal (showing honey-like scent) and nonanal (showing rose, citrus, and fatty aroma) are the key taste substances of tallow. Among them, isovaleraldehyde contributes the most to the flavor of butter, which is higher than the other four aldehydes. The content of the above five aldehydes in different types of butter is not consistent, which also shows that aldehydes are the main reason for the difference in the flavor of butter.