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The word butter has two meanings
Release time:2021-08-31 22:26:51Number of views:
The word butter has two meanings, one refers to dairy products, and the other refers to the fat extracted from the fat tissue of cattle. The two meanings are easy to confuse.                
The first meaning:  Butter , the English name is butter or butter fat.               
Butter is the fat extracted from  milk . It is a dairy product made from the higher milk fat layer in the top layer of raw milk before homogenization. " Cream " is a standard term in the industry, and butter is a popular name for butter. In Hong Kong and Macau, butter is often referred to as butter.
The second meaning: the fat extracted from the fat tissue of cattle, the English name is beef tallow.               
Similar to extracting  lard from pig  fat  , people use bovine adipose tissue as raw material and heat it to extract fat.