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Animal oil negative pressure cooker
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Animal oil negative pressure cooker
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When animal fat tissue is heated and smelted, it will secrete oil from it.
The fat in the animal fat cells will change from solid to liquid under the action of heat. Heating animal fat will reduce the viscosity of the fat and reduce its surface tension. This is the result of the movement of hot molecules and the result of the weakening of the cohesion between molecules. The weakened cohesive force will make the oil easy to separate from the cells, and the oil droplets of a single cell can be gathered into large clumps. At the same time, due to the difference in specific gravity, the oil is separated from the protein.
The way of oil smelting is an important factor in determining the quality of refined oil. This process uses smelting and drying under vacuum. Its characteristics are as follows:
(1) The smelting is carried out in a vacuum state, which can eliminate the moisture in the raw materials and obtain dry grease and dry oil residue.
(2) Because this kind of equipment is airtight, it can completely avoid the adverse effects of air oxidation on the grease, which will increase the peroxide value and darken the color during the entire smelting process.
(3) It can guarantee to get high-quality grease. This is because organic substances (vitamins, stearyl alcohol, lecithin, etc.) that are sufficient to improve the edible value and storage durability of the oil are stored in the oil.
(4) Partial deodorization of fats and oils can also eliminate unpleasant odors.
(5) Obtain high-quality oil residue. Because the smelting is carried out in a vacuum state, the protein is almost unchanged.
(6) Reduce the heat loss during the smelting process.
Animal oil smelting equipment uses heat transfer oil as the heat medium to smelt animal fat under vacuum and negative pressure. The extraction speed of animal oil is fast. Under vacuum, animal oil is not in contact with oxygen. The oil is light in color, odorless, and animal oil Vacuum smelting equipment has the advantages of automatic feeding, simple operation, automatic slag discharge, automatic oil slag separation, environmental protection compliance, low peroxide value of animal fat, low acid value, bright color, strong fragrance, etc.
With the large-scale breeding of poultry on the market, many large-scale pig, cattle, sheep and other slaughtering and processing companies have left a large amount of animal fat for processing and utilization.
The formal assembly line process of animal oil production can be roughly divided into: ground meat-transportation-material separation-cooking-oil residue separation-filtration-refining crude oil-refining-product oil.
Refining process: degumming, deacidification, dehydration, decolorization, deodorization, etc., can only be eaten after treatment, and the oil will become snow-white after refining, which can meet the national standard for animal oil.
Applicable objects: Compared with the old-fashioned open cooking pot, the negative pressure cooking pot uses heat transfer oil (or steam) as the heating medium, adopts a fully-sealed low-temperature negative pressure extraction method, automatic equipment operation, continuous production, energy saving and environmental protection, no The foul smell, environmental protection meets the standard. The oil produced under vacuum has low peroxide value, low acid value, good color and strong fragrance, and the profit generated is large.
This equipment is suitable for: lard refining equipment, chicken oil refining equipment, duck oil refining equipment, tallow refining equipment, fox raccoon oil equipment, mutton oil refining equipment and other animal fat refining equipment.